I teach an ever-evolving creative fusion of yoga practices, inspired by my own personal practice & experimentation. Currently those experiments are largely inspired by moon salutations and the lunar cycle, along with elements of the Ashtanga primary series, Yin & Restorative Yoga and Wisdom Flow Yoga from Maui. It also depends on who actually shows up for a class, what the weather & season are like...So sometimes it will be more vinyasa-style, other times it will be more yin and floor-based. I like to be flexible according to the energy of the group & situation!

I call these classes "Lunar Vinyasa", to describe a yoga practice rooted in awareness, breath, movement & stillness. Sequences inspired by the softer, more "feminine" moon salutes and cycles, combined with with slower, held postures, invite you to cultivate a balance of strengthening & letting go.

Although my classes are largely asana-based, there's more of a focus on using postures to develop mindfulness & cultivate states of deeper awareness - if you're just looking for a workout I'm probably not your teacher, but if you seek an embodied, healing, meditative inward focus then you might really enjoy my approach.

I teach with depth & sensitivity, encouraging my students to be intuitive, to listen to and be guided by the needs of their own bodies, and find the expression of a pose which feels best for them. I have rich experience in healing lower back & hip issues through my own personal yoga practice and people often report feeling very safe in my classes - I offer plenty of anatomically-safe alignments in my instructions, and will discuss aspects of  anatomy as I think it can be helpful in understanding what you're experiencing in your body, and also being responsible for how you treat it.

Classes always end with a relaxation & sometimes a yoga nidra (yoga sleep) so that you can leave feeling deeply rested and nourished as well as energised.

© 2019 by Tania Rose Fox