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Most of my workshops are suitable for all levels of yoga experience.
Advance booking is required for all workshops & ceremonies: if you wish to book a place, please note that payment is required at time of booking. Contact me for details of how to pay.

Please note payments are non-refundable & non-transferable  to another date, so please book only when you are sure you can commit yourself. By booking, you acknowledge & agree to these conditions. (If you can't come you are welcome to gift your place to a friend.)

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SAT 23rd NOVEMBER: 2 – 5pm  £25

Suitable for all levels of experience including beginners

This very practical workshop will give you plenty of exercises & techniques you can use to help release & relieve pain & tension in your lower back/hips, as well as learn how to build strength & stability in these often vulnerable areas. Since a weak core is often a factor, we'll also include some practices to create more strength there, as part of an integrated, balanced yoga practice. The first part of the session will focus on gentle yet powerful exercises & postures for releasing & strengthening these areas; followed by a quick look at some anatomy to help you understand what may be causing your particular issues; and we'll end with a Yoga Nidra: a guided, deep relaxation to leave you feeling nourished, relaxed & blissful on all levels!

There will be a little theory along the way, mostly focusing on anatomy (western & also a bit about the subtle body -the lower energy centres), but most of this workshop will be led practices, suitable for all levels of experience including those with no previous yoga experience.

Trainee & newly qualified yoga teachers have also found this workshop informative in the past, since there's lots of info about different types of issues relating to lower back & hips.

This workshop draws on my own extensive personal experience of using yoga to heal my previously chronic, repeated bouts of crippling lower back & hip pain...What I share in this workshop is based on what I know has worked for me and can help others, & detailed handouts of all the exercises & postures covered will be provided at the end so you can go home & continue working with these yourself.

SUNDAY 8th DECEMBER: 2 – 5pm 
£25 earlybird until 29th November/ £30 full price

Suitable for all levels of experience including beginners

I couldn't resist rounding off this year's workshop programme with another lovely Hawaii-inspired, cacao-infused yoga afternoon, timed on a Sunday to escape the Christmas crowds!
An uplifting and delicious heart-oriented yoga workshop , including pure cacao & a deep guided blissful relaxation to transport you to tropical shores...

Yoga Cacao Nidra returns to Yoga Torquay!  Pure raw cacao is noted for its heart-opening and uplifting properties, so yoga and cacao make a wonderful combination. This afternoon will offer much to unblock anahata chakra as we cultivate the aloha spirit of love and compassionate self-healing.

The first part of this nurturing afternoon offers some beautiful Hawaiian indigenous spirituality, followed by a soft, heart-oriented flowing yoga practice inspired by the yoga styles I discovered during my transformative time on the Hawaiian island of Maui.  Following this, share a little taster of purest raw cacao tonic, a true medicine for heavy hearts, mixed with warming and sweet spices in the traditional Mesoamerican way, before lying down for an hour of delicious, deep guided relaxation & visualisation to transport you to tropical shores & beyond to a deep meditation on the beauty of nature & life force in all her forms. To bring you back blissfully to your Earthly body, we will share some tropical treats at the end!

This is a yoga workshop not a cacao ceremony, so if you are not sure about cacao ceremonies be reassured! (And if you are not able to consume cacao for whatever reason, you can still participate fully, the cacao tonic is just a small serving for this workshop.) But also, Yoga Cacao Nidra often serves as a lovely introduction to pure raw cacao, a true superfood, & the deep, trancelike state of relaxation we work with in both yoga nidra and cacao journeying – so if you are curious about cacao ceremonies but not sure yet, you can enjoy this yoga workshop as a welcoming introduction to sacred cacao!
All levels of yoga experience welcome for this very nurturing afternoon.

2020 DATES: (click here for more info on cacao ceremonies)


Cultivating Healthy Habits & Sacred Rituals to Root, Energise and Inspire!
TWO DATES for 2020: 
Sat 8th Feb 2 - 5pm  - Yoga Torquay  
Sat 29th Feb 2- 5pm  - Lotus Loft Exeter
£25 earlybird if booked by 30th Jan / £30 full price 

(Note: the earlybird date is the same for both workshops)
Advance booking required, all levels of experience welcome.

Creating a regular morning routine is a great way to begin your day in a mindful, intentional way, and makes it more likely that you’ll stick with new healthy habits you might be trying to cultivate (or old ones you might be trying to reinstate!).  

My yoga journey began 25 years ago with a 15minute daily self-practice; this was the seed from which a full-flourishing practice blossomed over the years, and as a yoga teacher for the last 8 years I've helped guide many of my own students towards their own home practice, so I understands the obstacles as well as inspirations on the path! This workshop will take you through a range of simple and accessible practices to offer you plenty of inspiration for ways you can cultivate your own personal routine – this may well include a yoga asana practice and part of the session will offer advice & inspiration on this; but we’ll also explore other practices including meditation – in a range of approaches – and other yoga techniques such as pranayama and kriyas. I will also introduce some other practices to help you cultivate a healthy mindset of gratitude and self-compassion so that your day begins in a loving, inspired frame of mind.

As a plant medicine practitioner, I am also very passionate about cultivating a personal daily ritual to connect you to whatever your chosen sacred medicine might be, whether it’s cacao, coffee, tea, matcha, a turmeric latte or a handful of freshly picked mint leaves from the garden…And how you can approach even this simple practice in a mindful, conscious way and make it a part of a wider sacred ritual of your own creation. The Japanese tradition of the tea ceremony is a beautiful example of this zen practice of bringing full awareness to our every act in this present moment, in order to honour and fully experience our lives unfolding…Making your breakfast & washing your dishes can become a ritual and a mindful practice if approached with full awareness.

Along the way, Tania will share lots of practical advice to help you set manageable, realistic goals for eg a daily yoga practice which will not feel like an intimidating chore; the key to creating habits you’ll stick to is making them feel easy and enjoyable; in this way, you can cultivate “healthy discipline” in a painless, actually fun & nourishing way.
Handouts will be provided to give you lots of useful tips and inspiration to take away from this afternoon.


SAT 25th APRIL 2-5pm
Lotus Loft, Exeter £30

As a new moon cycle begins, join Tania for an extended flow through her signature Lunar Vinyasa personal practice style, a blend of flowing moon salutations incorporating more challenging poses for those who want the spice, and a grounding, nurturing floor-based sequence rooted in elements of the Ashtanga primary series and other hip opening and core-strengthening poses.

This is a lovely chance to enjoy a longer Lunar Vinyasa yoga practice than in my weekly drop-in class at the Lotus Loft; the session will also include some guided meditation and pranayama; and we’ll end with an extended, deeply relaxing yoga nidra.
Suitable for those with some yoga experience, (particularly if you're familiar with my Lunar Vinyasa / Heart Flow / Holistic Ashtanga teaching styles over the years.)  


​​SAT 6th JUNE 2-5pm
Yoga Torquay


DEVON YOGA FESTIVAL 2020 : 17th - 19th July

I will be a guest yoga teacher at the Devon Yoga Festival 2020!

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